CloudPACS Demo Account CloudPACS system provides an easy way to upload any DICOM images, non DICOM images or other data to the cloud and share. The system suports both standard web protocols (like simple file upload to your storage space) and specific DICOM protocols (DICOMWeb,DIMSE).

The system has a modular architecture, comprising lots of functions and attributes, which makes it very versatile and able to accomodate almost unlimited scenarios. A limited demo instance is running which can be accesed in your browser, in our mobile app (Android, available on Google Play, IOS soon), or your favourite dicom viewer via dimse / dicomweb protocol. CloudPACS fully integrates DicomProxy, available for Windows/Linux/MacOS, currently in beta testing, which acts as a local dicom cache/proxy/router for CloudPACS and your onsite PACS. It can also be used as a standalone PACS, accesible via web browser and mobile app.

Active services

  • web upload / download via in browser webapp; web viewing with advanced viewer
  • dimse and dicomweb service for upload / download
  • mobile app access for one user
  • 50gb storage
  • basic email support and further service customizations

Dimse service (dicom node) settings:

Port:	 11112 / 11113 (TLS)
AET:	 unique ID you can get under Settings->General settings->Dicom Node->Personal AET
	 (please do not share these information, they provide basic security during Demo. 
	  Regular security is based on digital certificates.)

Terms of service

Demo accounts are meant for testing only. They are being offered without any warranty whatsoever and the terms of usage can change without any prior notification. Although there’s no expiration date, there might be random resets of the system. The data is not guaranteed for storage and can be purged. Do not store important studies!